Taste of Chapan Bhoga – Arisa Pitha

Cooking is something, which I have been always passionate about – Making new dishes for kids, family, and friends. This time it has been very special as I cooked to bring back the smile on the face of my two beautiful kids.

We had recently visited the Jagannath temple at Puri, as kids will to taste the “Chapan Bhoga.” My two naughty tots were very excited but suddenly the smiles turned into resentment as Arisa Pitha (sweet pancake to them) was over. However, they were chilled as they relished rest of 55 dishes but feeling of missing the sweet was prominent on their faces and no mother would like their children to be unhappy.

So finally, this weekend is time to make them happy and cheerful. Arisa Pitha an Oriya dish often called as sweet pancake and famous delicacy of the Chapan Bhoga served at Puri temple.

arisha pitha

Arisha Pitha | Image Resource : ushnish.blogspot.in/2009/10/another-memorable-date-with-dear-arisha.html

Let us start making. Keeping it easier for you as always:

Essentials: 500gm of rice
100gm jaggery (Sugar is also ok)
Ghee / oil to fry
The pure taste always lies in using the basic form of ingredients – Jaggery, ghee.

STEP 1- Jaggery / Sugar Syrup

  • Take non-stick fry pan
  • Pour 200 ml of water
  • Add Jaggery pieces / sugar granules
  • Heat it at a medium flame
  • Once it starts boiling then, break the granules and mix it well.
  • Consistency of the syrup must be medium thick (2-tar ki chashni)

STEP 2- Dough

  • Take the syrup into a pan as it heats
  • Add the rice flour and mix it until it becomes a dough.
  • Let it cool down

Making Arisa Pitha

  • Take the dough
  • Make small balls
  • Then make small puri like shapes of those balls.
  • Keep them equal and thick like a kachori dough.
  • Ensure you keep a greased plastic sheet so the dough do not sticks and is easy to roll in.
  • Then take a deep pan, Pour Ghee/oil let it be hot.
  • Put the Arisa Pitha into it
  • Fry until golden brown

Here your dish is ready. Garnish with dry fruits and rose petals giving it a rich look and yummy mummy wala taste for your kids


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