A Train Travel from Puri to Howrah Junction by Satabdi Express – As Exciting As Ever It Is!

Hi! I am here again with another update on travel. After months of mundane daily life, the winter holidays were here. The kids had their school vacations and my husband took a leave from his office. Kolkata was our destination for this trip. It is one of the most culturally rich places in India. My love for history and culture had always drawn me to Kolkata. I had been here a couple of times before, but it was the first time for the kids. My husband and I have always wanted to make them understand and experience the rich heritage of our country. This trip was a part of that effort. We started from Puri on the 19th of December. The train travel from Puri (Puri) to Howrah junction (HWH) by Satabdi Express flagged off our memorable journey. Satabdi Express was scheduled to leave at 6 am from Puri and we had to wake up really early.

shatabdi express

Shatabdi Express | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org/

We were excited because Satabdi Express is known as the fastest train in India. The train was on time. We had reached the station by 5 am. On boarding the train, we were really impressed by the excellent facilities offered in the train. All the coaches of the train were air-conditioned. The temperature was warm inside, which was a huge relief for it was quite cold outside. We settled down quickly in our seats and waited eagerly for the train to leave. The journey was of 7 hours 45 minutes, almost half of what other express trains take.

inside view of shatabdi express

Inside View Of Shatabdi Express | Image Resource : indianrail.wikia.com/wiki/Shatabdi_Express

The train started on time and soon it was running at a fast pace. The kids were really enjoying the journey and so were we. The cities and towns seemed to breeze past us at an extraordinary pace. Though our hearts skipped a few beats to start off, soon we were used to the speed. The breakfast was served at 8.30 am. The food was great and had toast, omelette and fruit juice. Time seemed to fly past as well. We took a nap for a while and woke up to enjoy the wonderful scenery outside. The lunch was delicious as well with fried rice and chicken. No doubt, it was a comfortable train travel from Puri (Puri) to Howrah junction (HWH) by Satabdi Express. We reached Howrah on schedule at 1.45 pm.


Omelette | Image Resource : sunnyyq.wordpress.com/tag/submarine-sandwich/

lunch in shatabdi express

Lunch in Shatabdi Express | Image Resource : flickr.com/photos/50628848@N07/8122400052/in/photostream/

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