The Indian Museum Kolkata – Steeped in History

After a good night’s sleep, we were reinvigorated and charged up for our city tour the next day. It was a bright sunny day and the weather was cool. The setting was ideal for a good trip. We had a bath and had our breakfast before leaving for the day. The first place on our list was the Indian Museum. It took a 10 minutes ride from our hotel to reach the destination. The Indian Museum is larger than any other museums in the country and has a huge collection of historical items. The Asiatic Society of Bengal established the museum in Kolkata in 1814. A Danish botanist, Dr. Nathaniel Wallich was the first curator of the museum.

indian museum kolkata

Indian Museum Kolkata | Image Resource :

The kids were looking forward to the visit the museum as they would get to see the remains of various pre-historic animals. The six sections of the museum were – Archaeology, Zoology, Botany, Geology, Anthropology and Art. The Egyptian mummy was one of the centres of attraction. The kids looked minutely at the mummy and made some intelligent observations. The fossils and skeletons of pre-historic man and other extinct animals raised a lot of curiosity in our minds as well. There were ornaments and armours from historic battles, which literally transported us back to that era. Many rare paintings were kept by famous artists. Apart from all these, there were a lot of antique items of great historical value. History may not be our favourite subject but this visit to the museum gave us a lot of respect for the subject. The life lessons that our ancestors had learned were passed on to us. That helped us adapt ourselves with nature. All these artefacts in the museum were a testament of the journey of life on Earth.

animals skeleton

Animals Skeleton | Image Resource :

entrance of indian museum

Entrance of Indian Museum | Image Resource :

The kids jotted down their experiences in their diary, a habit that I had inculcated in them. We spent more than a couple of hours visiting the various galleries of the Indian Museum. It was an extremely enriching experience for all of us. Our next destination was the National Library which was not far away from the museum. We took a cab and left for the next stop.


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