Chrome Hotel Kolkata – A Mix of Leisure and Luxury

It is now time to talk about our hotel. We were put up at the Chrome Hotel in the heart of the city. The world-class service provided by the hotel staff will ever remain in our minds. The hotel is situated at a very convenient position in the city with very good connectivity to all other parts. The ambience of the hotel is extremely pleasant and we were felt at home right from the moment we set our foot on its premises. Due to the strategic advantages of the hotel a lot of tourists as well as business travellers prefer to stay here.

chrome hotel kolkata

Chrome Hotel Kolkata | Image Source :

The restaurants in the hotel had cuisines of particularly delectable taste. We had great food on each day of our trip. The hotel staff members were extremely committed in their duties and were always available when needed. Design of the hotel is in the form of ‘Block of Swiss Cheese’ and comprises of blocks of white rooms. The luxurious experience of this hotel was one of the highlights of our visit to the city. The children really felt at ease in moving around the hotel compound and made friends with a couple of staff as well. The hotel staff really made us feel comfortable and it seemed that they believed the adage of, “AtithiDevoBhabha”. It means treat your guests as you would treat God.

The rooms are really well-designed with lots of space. The designs of the stylish lines are beautifully made. The ‘High Chrome’ floor provides exclusive facilities for guests who want a greater degree of exclusivity. The kids liked to spend some time at the pool every day. It was particularly refreshing for them. A well-equipped Fitness Centre is there for the fitness freaks. For avid readers, there is a library and a bookshop. After a tiring day of travel we unwound ourselves on the lounge area. Overall the Chrome Hotel had kept in mind all kinds of activities that guests would like to indulge in. There was something for everybody. We were convinced that in case of another trip later on we would once again put up at the Chrome Hotel.

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