Nicco Park Kolkata – The Ultimate Entertainment

As we travelled across the city towards our last destination of the trip, we were filled with mixed feelings. On one hand, there were the refreshed souls and on another our minds were a bit sad. We had a wonderful trip but the best was left for the last. The Nicco Park is located in Salt Lake. It is a park with a large variety of entertainment facilities. The recreational activities in the park are not only entertaining but also educative. The park was opened in 1991. It was built to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the city. The park is a joint venture between the Government of West Bengal and Nicco Parks & Resorts Ltd. Today the Nicco Park has about 35 amusement rides for the common people to enjoy themselves.

nicco park kolkata

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The kids enjoyed themselves to the fullest riding on most of the rides. The River Cave was the best of the lot. We rode an electronic boat, which took us on a ride along the artificially made caves. It was a hell of a ride with ghosts coming out of nowhere. The kids were braver than us when it came to courage. The Water Chute ride was amazing as well and the kids were thrilled during the ride. We were splashed with water from the reservoir as the vehicle landed with a splash on it. The pirate ship reminded us of the good old childhood days when we accompanied our parents to fairs. The kids got used to the rough ride after being timid at first. The Wet-O-Wild water park was next where we took a dip.

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We had our refreshments in the well-stocked Food Park, which had cuisines of various types. The kids gorged on their favourite foods and drinks. After the meal it was time to move to the next part. The cable car ride gave us a glimpse of the whole of Nicco Park from the skies. It was just great to watch people enjoying themselves, everyone having a smile on their faces. Though the trip came to an end, we took home a host of great experiences.


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