My Train Travel from Puri (Puri) to Raipur (R) By Puri Durg Express

Being a travel enthusiast, I have always enjoyed going to new and unique places and never miss out on any chance of visiting them, especially those which are full of historic buildings and palaces. Thanks to Mother Nature for rewarding my country with a diverse culture and ecstatic beauty. I have always longed to mingle with people from various backgrounds and explore their unique activities. So during the winter vacation, I, along with some of my friends planned to visit Raipur and accordingly booked berths on the Puri Durg Express. I boarded the train at around 5:15 pm in the evening and began my train travel from Puri (Puri) to Raipur (R) by Puri Durg Express. Since the duration of my journey was 15 hours, I took all the necessary things that included a few magazines, a newspaper and some story books, which would help me get rid of boredom on the train.

puri durg express

Puri Durg Express | Image Resource :

Whichever be the place, I prefer to travel by train as it enables me to enjoy the journey in the best manner. Since this was my first visit to the city, I was extremely excited and was beaming with enthusiasm. My friends and I had fun on the train as we discussed about some of our thrilling experiences while travelling on trains earlier. After some time, all of us returned to our berths to relax and I decided to read a magazine related to the best tourists spots in Raipur.

My train travel from Puri (Puri) to Raipur (R) by Puri Durg Express was comfortable and I enjoyed every bit of it. We had ordered for dinner at 8 pm and it was served one hour later. My friends had brought some tasty dishes from their respective homes, which we shared while having the dinner. After chatting for some more time, we returned to our respective berths to sleep. The hospitality shown by the staff coupled with extremely comfortable seats made us feel warm. The train finally reached the destination at around 9:45 am. From the station, all of us decided to go to the hotel, have some light breakfast and then start our journey in the city.

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