Palace Kawardha Chhattisgarh – Known for Its Connection to History

We knew that Palace Kawardha Chhattisgarh has a great historic connection and is the best example of the rich traditions of the state. The palace is now under the control of the state government and they have taken the initiative to maintain the palace and I must add that they looked dedicated to their task. The palace has a beautiful background with scenic beauty all around it. It was built in the year 1930 and Maharaja Dharamraj Singh had taken the initiative to do so. Italian marble coupled with other stones had been used for the construction of the palace. The whole palace stood tall in an area covering 11 acres, which was surrounded by gardens at all sides. We learnt from the local people that certain private occasions such as weddings were organized at the palace. Through such events, the officials could get the amount necessary for the maintenance of the palace.

palace kawardha chhattisgarh

Palace Kawardha Chhattisgarh | Image Resource :

The palace is a jewel of the famous Kawardha state and is looked after by the Government. I had a pleasant experience visiting the place and loved each and every bit of my stay in the premise. The rooms had historical touches and the Darbar Hall, which was famous as a centre for relaxation and various official purposes, had a height of around 80 feet. A few years after its construction, the Maharaja had decided to rent the palace to luxurious hotels for them to use and made the essential renovations accordingly. We spent ample time to cover the whole palace, which encompassed the tradition and the culture followed in that era.

After enjoying our visit to the famous Palace Kawardha Chhattisgarh, our team decided to have some snacks and then go to the hotel, which we had already booked for stay. We were extremely tired as we had travelled a lot of distance to reach this place. The palace was somewhat distant from the main portion of the city and it took us two hours to finally get back to the hotel. We went to bed as soon as we reached the hotel. The next day, we have many places to visit.


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