Our Stay at Hotel City Palace, Raipur – Quite Impressive

After spending a tiring day while visiting some of the most famous destinations in the city, we headed towards our hotel which we had booked over the internet. Choosing a decent hotel in a completely unknown city was extremely tough. Since we had to cover many sightseeing the next day, we couldn’t compromise with the quality of the hotel while booking. So I had booked some rooms in the best hotel in Raipur after reading a lot of reviews and ratings before finalizing the right one. Ultimately, I ended up booking 6 single bedded rooms at the Hotel City Palace, Raipur. It was around 2 kilometres away from the Raipur railway station and around 13 kilometres from the Raipur Airport.

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We could easily reach the place as it was one of the most reputed hotels in the state. After reaching the hotel we ordered for some delicious foods and decided to rest for that day. We were extremely impressed by the warm welcome shown by the staff. The facilities within the hotel were unique and the rooms were simply awesome. All the rooms were equipped with luxurious facilities and all six of us were extremely happy.

The three-storey hotel had a total of 20 rooms and we had to pay around Rs.1200 per room at the time of booking. The facilities were too good compared to the rent being charged by the hotel. After entering our respective rooms, we decided to take some shower and freshen up before exploring all the facilities that were present before us. After all of us were charged up again, we went to the restaurant for having our dinner. We had finished our dinner quite early and decided to go to sleep as we had to wake up early the next day. I was extremely excited as more fun was waiting for me the next day. I woke up at around 7 am the next morning and ordered for a cup of tea in my own room. I had some talk with the staff of the Hotel City Palace, Raipur and gathered valuable information about the best tourist spots in the city.


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