Train Travel from Puri to Vijayawada by Puri Tpty Express – The Most Awaited Journey

Today, life is hectic with too much stress and strain and when an opportunity for travel comes, I make sure not to miss that. It’s a chance to unwind myself and break the monotonous routine that I usually follow. It’s undoubtedly great to live with my family and do a job, which I always dreamt of; however, a journey always awaken my senses and I feel rejuvenated when I return. So last vacation I opted a train travel from Puri to Vijayawada by Puri Tpty Express to explore this ancient and beautiful town. I decided to travel by train as it gave me enough time to brace myself and enjoy the scenic beauty of India. I had finished all my jobs and handed over all my official responsibilities beforehand to avoid the last-minute rush. My kids and husband were ready for the journey while my mom, who hardly travels, packed all the necessary things from clothes to our favorite food and tickets.

puri tpty express

Puri Tpty Express | Image Resource :

The train was scheduled to leave Puri railway station at 12.25 PM and reach at Vijayawada 8 AM the following day. So we had a long journey in hand and I picked up few novels to confirm myself not to get bored. Books are my favorite companion while travelling. We started in a cab to the railway station leaving my mom at home, who as always was worried. I assured her to take care of ourselves and reached the station to board the train. In the next five minutes, the train whistled to commence the journey.

As expected the train travel from Puri to Vijayawada by Puri Tpty Express slowly started to disconnect me from the daily chaos of life and started relaxing my mind and soul. We decided to have our lunch by 2 PM and eagerly opened the lunch pack to check what mom has kept for us. Being a foodie, I was sure that mom would have kept all the favorite dishes. After lunch, we talked for some time about the trip. The kids were quite excited. After a while, I buried myself in the novel and read it continuously till dinner. I love the morning breeze so I decided to sleep early and kept my alarm at 6 am. Next day, we reached Vijayawada by 8.30 am.


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