Amaravati Museum, Vijayawada – A House of Buddhist Antiquities

After an exciting time, we resumed our journey from Undavalli Caves to Amaravati Museum, Vijayawada after a relishing lunch. We boarded an APSRTC bus to the museum, which is located in Amaravati nearly 40 km from Vijayawada. It took a little more than an hour to reach the museum, which boasts of an extraordinary collection of Buddhist relics, which was the main reason why I added this site in my travel itinerary.

amaravati museum, vijayawada

Amaravati Museum, Vijayawada | Image Resource :,_Andhra_Pradesh

The museum was inaugurated by spiritual leader Dalai Lama in 2006 and gave instant fame to this two-storied building. The museum is officially known as “Amravati Museum and Interpretation Centre”. The museum is filled with incredible repository of artifacts gathered from the ruins of Buddhist settlement in Amaravathi. The museum speaks for the history of Buddhism in India, especially in Andhra Pradesh. The first floor showcases 12 cognate sites of Amaravati art and beautiful the sculptures defining Buddhism. The second floor focuses on the cultural materials of Buddhists sites and the influence of Amaravati art in South and South Eastern countries. The most precious among the collection includes a gold necklace from Gummadiduru, Bone relics and gold relics.

There are three galleries in the museum displaying artifacts of ancient India belonging to a period of 3rd century B.C to 12th century A.D. I found coins, elegant potteries, beads, chakras, caskets and broken sculptures in the first gallery.  The second gallery of the museum has two Buddha images, which are class apart and it also has a stone wheel. My camera went all around the museum and the whole place was awe-inspiring. I was glad that I added this place in the must-see places or else I would have missed this page of history.

inside view of amaravati museum, vijayawada

Inside View of Amaravati Museum, Vijayawada | Image Resource :

My kids curiously viewed every object and studied its importance and origin. There are several books and magazines around educating about the museum. We learnt that the museum is opened on all days, except on Fridays. I decided to leave Amaravati Museum, Vijayawada by 6 in the evening and headed back to my hotel with relive of a great day spend. I recommend a must-visit to this museum for every visitor who lands in Vijayawada.


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