Prakasam Barrage, Vijayawada – Famous for Interesting Geography

Our trip was getting exciting and the kids were having a wonderful time. I had my plan scheduled and so the point of our visit is no less important than the Prakasam Barrage. Situated in the outskirts of Vijayawada, a commercial and tourism based city in southern India, Prakasam Barrage is 1223.5 meters long. This was somehow known by me from one of my friends who comes to visit her hometown, Vijayawada, a number of times. Luckily she was there then for her vacations and as such I was totally overwhelmed and excited to see some of the sightseeing spots in her company.

prakasam barrage, vijayawada

Prakasam Barrage, Vijayawada | Image Resource :

My friend had instructed me about a meeting place. The weather, the cool breeze, cheerful faces, and the hustle and the bustle of the hawkers of that place were soothing to my five senses. I was waiting for my friend to join us to explore Vijayawada together. According to our plan we moved on to see the barrage across the River Krishna. We reached there by my friend’s car. Since it was a long drive we enjoyed a lot throughout our drive. The barrage could not be evacuated for the last 22 years as the Vijayawada Thermal Power Station is one of the considerable sources of power to most of the parts of the state, where there is deficiency of power. Therefore, it is calculated as a main source of power station. The panoramic view of such a well-built barrage left me spellbound for some uncounted minutes for sure.

The Prakasam Barrage was named after the first Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Tanguturi Prakasam. It had a captivating view of the lake, which is spanned over it. The barrage also serves as a road bridge and had association of three canals, which gives a Venetian appearance through a criss-crossing of Vijayawada city. It was a mind-blowing experience for us and we decided to move further for our next destination, which was a famous old Fort of Vijayawada. It was also situated near Krishna district; hence, it did not take a long time to reach the fort.


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