Kondapalli Fort, Vijayawada – Robust Through The Test of Time

After a captivating view of the barrage we arrived at Kondapalli Fort, which was built in the early period of 14th century and was a domain of multiple dynasties. Later the fort was used by the British to train their military men before the independence of India. Since it was situated in the remote areas of Vijayawada, local people visit this place for picnic and family and friends get together. The village Kondapalli is world famous for its toys that are made with special kind of wood.

kondapalli fort, vijayawada

Kondapalli Fort, Vijayawada | Image Resource : panoramio.com/photo/57273338

We saw the prisons and the remains of the fort. A reconstruction work was going on to remodel the fort, its Rani Mahal, Gajashala, and the prison. The fort also had a reserve forest nearby which comprises o variety of wild animals with a varied topography. The fort also had a ‘Dargah’ of Gareeb Saheeb, a Persian saint. The fort is now maintained with tourism development. Earlier it was constructed by Prolaya Vema Reddy of Kodaveedu. Since the fort is situated in the village of Kondapalli, it is well connected with various modes of transport and is one of the major tourist’s attractions in Vijayawada. The fort had a glorious history of Qutub Shahis and many dynasties. The village was a combination of tourism, commercial activities like making Kondapalli toys, wildlife and history. It had all the colors that could attract number of tourists to visit this fort. A visit to a historical fort like that was always a passion for me that always attracted me to travel and explore different places of different states.

I was missing my mom, husband and kids as they were not able to join me for their varied reasons. I was thinking that if my children were there to see the Kondapalli Fort, it would be the best part of my journey. However it was an altogether different experience with my friend. It was a long time that we had not seen each other. Finally I decided to check in at Hotel Ilapuram to rest for the day which was already booked by my friend. She bid me good bye as she went back to her way home.

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