Hotel Ilapuram – Captivating Features to Entertain The Guests

It was a welcoming experience after reaching Hotel Ilapuram. After getting out of the car I was astonished to see the spectacular views of the hotel. It was a hub of nature and hospitality. The reception desk was always ready to answer all the queries. Since it is located in the centre of Vijayawada, one could easily catch the glimpses of River Krishna from the room corridors of the hotel. After asking from the manager, we came to know that the hotel was 19 km away from the airport and 3 km from railway station junction.

hotel ilapuram, vijayawada

Hotel Ilapuram, Vijayawada | Image Resource :

We had a relishing pure vegetarian dinner in the evening, with almost all the delicious cuisines. There was a relaxing bar for the guests where they could cherish an evening with peace and tranquility. Since my room was a semi-deluxe room, it was offered with panoramic views of the outside hills. We enjoyed our dinner with great fun and calmness too. The manger himself came to ask for the feedback of the dinner. I was tired and wanted to go to sleep early, but after reaching my room my mood changed and I called back home to have a talk with my mom and the whereabouts. The kids were walking around the room exploring every bit of the thing. My husband was quite busy enjoying the scenic beauty of the place sitting in the balcony.

food festival in hotel ilapuram, vijayawada

Food Festival in Hotel Ilapuram, Vijayawada | Image Resource :

Next morning was enchanting with birds’ songs and light music played by a nearby tea stall. Both were soothing and awakening us with the brightness of the morning. My kids had an arrangement previous night that they would order some refreshing delicacies for breakfast. We enjoyed the breakfast while enjoying the fascinating views outside the room and then got ready for our next destination. I came out of the room a bit early so that I could capture the boutique features of the hotel. After walking around the Hotel Ilapuram, I came to know about more of its amenities like banquet facilities for the guests to organize social events and conference meetings too. We took off for the church after having an excellent stay at the hotel.


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