Victoria Museum, Vijayawada – Simply Enthralling

Straight from the Gunadala Mary Matha Church, we continued our visit to the famous museum, The Victoria Museum. It is officially known as the Victoria Jubilee Museum and is an archeological museum established in the year 1887. It still remains to be a very popular museum even after the passage of more than one hundred and twenty years mainly owing to its varied and exclusive collection of artifacts. Victoria Museum, Vijayawada is located in the Bandar Road, which is in the heart of the city and we didn’t face any difficulties to reach there. A 30 minutes drive took us straight to this century old elegant structure from that meeting point of ours.

victoria museum, vijayawada

Victoria Museum, Vijayawada | Image Resource :

The museum was built to honor Queen Victoria’s coronation jubilee thus receiving its name. It is an excellent portrayal of Indo- European architectural style. I learnt from a museum staff that The Andhra Pradesh government took over the authority of the building and it is an archaeological museum. It is open from 10.30 in the morning till 5 in the evening Saturday till Thursday. I took my camera out to capture this monument in my private collection.

canon view of victoria museum, vijayawada

Canon View of Victoria Museum, Vijayawada | Image Resource :

Gallery, Bidri Ware, Coins, Painting Terra Cottas, Bronzes, copper plate inscriptions, Enamel Ware, Portrait wall, Porcelain & Celadon ware, Queen Victoria, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mother Mary Adoring Christ, Madaonna Della Codellino, Rembrandt, Rubens Self Portrait, Arms & Armour, Annexure Gallery, Origin of arms and armour, arrows-bows-quivers, Swords, Body armour, Shields, Daggers, Fire arms, Sculpture Garden and Ornamentation. It also has collections of arms and a lush green garden with temple sculptures from across the state.

My friend and I were accompanied by students of various schools along with their teachers explaining about the museum and clarifying their doubts. I took snaps of curious students who were quite amazed with the place. My kids picked up a few souvenirs and books depicting the collection and history of the museum. The Victoria Museum, Vijayawada is an equally informative and interesting place and must recommended for students. We prepared to leave as it was 5 PM and the museum gates were about to be closed and headed towards our last destination, The LEPL Centro Mall.


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