LEPL Centro Mall, Vijayawada – Shopper’s Paradise

We reached the LEPL Centro Mall, Vijayawada at 6 PM as we managed to drive back from the Victoria Museum. I have heard of the mall and its vibrancy from my friend and that’s one of the reason I added this place in my itinerary. Another reason was that after getting the cultural and historical taste of this city, I wanted to know how modern this city was and malls are always the best place where the youth flock.

lepl centro mall, vijayawada

LEPL Centro Mall, Vijayawada | Image Resource : lepl.in/centro-profile.html

LEPL Centro Mall is located in the heart of the city and was opened in 2012 to public. I always manage to squeeze some history of everything as it’s my favourite subject. The mall offers everything that any modern shopping mall can offer and it is one stop destination for high end restaurants, lifestyle shops, clothes, cosmetics & boutiques and sports goods. My kids read the map and direction sign board displaying and education about the shops and stores in the mall. It is a four-storey mall open from 10 in the morning till 10 in the night and like any other mall gets crowded in the evening.

shopping in lepl centro mall, vijayawada

Shopping in LEPL Centro Mall, Vijayawada | Image Resource : andhra.mallsmarket.com/malls/lepl-centro-vijayawada

We had a long day so my first intention was to make my stomach happy. So we rushed to the food court where we found an array of international and local cuisines waiting for us. When my kids decided to have some Chinese food and opted for a chicken noodles my friend, my husband and I opted for a plate of Hydrabadi Biryani. While waiting for the order, I saw many children enjoying themselves in the entertainment zone. I also found a lot of youngsters in the Reliance Bowling Alley having a great time.

bowling alley in lepl centro mall, vijaywada

Bowling Alley in LEPL Centro Mall, Vijayawada | Image Resource : indiantravels.com/

After the delicious food, we headed off for some shopping for me and my family. The Lifestyle store in LEPL Centro Mall, Vijayawada had a great collection to offer and huge discounts acted just like an icing on the cake. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the mall and bid goodbye to my friend as she dropped us at our hotel. I packed the belongings as we had to leave the following day. So we were close to a wonderful trip wherein we enjoyed a wonderful city, Vijayawada, which offered a blend of modernity and tradition.


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