My favourite Historical Book – Necropolis: London and its Dead by Catharine Arnold

Today, I would love to recommend all my dear friends to read Necropolis: London and its dead by Catharine Arnold. This is one of my favourite books. I have always keen on learning about different funerary ways across different sections of society, countries. I would suggest this book for all those who are passionate to know about the past times of London city.

In this enthralling book Author Catharine has described about how London treated its, dead right from the Romanian funeral cremations to horrors of the plague. How the great Victorian cemeteries were founded, the mourning cult, death of Princess Diana and much more.

History of London is quite well elaborated when it comes to dealing with the deceased. The funerary practices of prehistoric era is touched in brief. While on other hand medieval periods, perception on death is explained in detail, it covered the gap I lacked and was insightful for me. The history of graveyards extensively covers the changes from 1500 until the start of 1800’s.

Victorian path of death enfolds and exemplifies so many enticing situations, which were never followed. Mourning women reflecting eroticism is a fact and I liked reading it.  Even the popular good death and bad death idea was touched in depth.

Overall, it is an enjoyable reading experience. The book states how the funerary practices transformed after the First World War.


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