My Train Travel From Puri to Bhopal by Puri Ju Express

It was in the month of May that we started preparing ourselves for a trip to Bhopal. Being a teacher it is a hard time for me to make out some time for traveling. Whenever I am working, I have to spend a lot of time in school and when I have holidays I have to take care of my family. So this time as I had a long summer vacation and exams of my children had just got over, we decided to make a visit to Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. My husband booked tickets in the Puri Ju Express which originates from our town only.

puri ju express

Puri Ju Express | Image Resource :

The train originates from Puri and operates only on Wednesdays. Therefore we had to plan the trip in such a manner that the traveling fell on a Wednesday. The train departs from Puri station at about 1:30 pm in the midday. It was scorching heat in Puri during the month of May, but still we took the stance and decided to travel as such moments and opportunities are not received quite often. Since it was the time of scorching sunny days, we booked tickets in the 2-tier air conditioned class. I always made sure that my family travels in comfort.

It was a total journey of 1419 kilometers and hence quite a long travel. The train reached at the Bhopal Junction at 5:50 pm in the next day. It passed through several stations and junctions like Sakhi Gopal, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Dhenkanal, Talcher, Rairakhol, Sambalpur, Raigarh etc. in Odisha itself. After crossing the Odisha border the train went through Bilaspur, Raipur, Durg, Raj Nandgaon, Bhandara Road, Betul, Itarsi junction, Habibganj and finally reached the Bhopal junction. It stayed there for good 15 minutes and we got a lot of time to get down the train safely with our belongings.

The 2-tier AC compartments were much cleaned and we were provided with blankets and sheets throughout the journey. Further the presence of pantry in the train made our jobs easier to haunt for food in different stations. It was a wonderful experience traveling in the Puri Ju Express as it gave us comfort as well as satisfaction in all respects.

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