Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal- A Multi Art Center

With the previous day being spent at the knowledge-filled science center, it was the day for some formal trips. Bhopal is a wonderful city in Madhya Pradesh which provides its denizens with a rich collection of flora, fauna, natural resources, culture, tradition, cuisine and shopping stores. For this reason only people from far off places visit the city. And for this reason only I had planned for a Bhopal trip in the vacations. It was the fifth day of my stay in Bhopal. We decided to make a visit to the Bharat Bhavan on this day. Bharat Bhavan is known to be a place where one can find a mixture of ancient, contemporary and modern Indian facts.

On 13th February, 1982, Bharat Bhavan was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of India, Smt. Indira Gandhi. The museum can also be called as a multi art center which depicts visual, verbal and performing forms of arts. It is a center where one can find different forms of culture which are related with literature, language, religion, cinema, arts, theatre, drama, dance and music. Our own town, villages and forests are exhibited here in such a manner that it generates a though provoking inspiration among the people viewing it.

bharat bhavan, bhopal

Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal | Image Resource :

Bharat Bhavan, since its inception has imbibed different knowledge sources through its exhibitions. Hundreds of programs from national and international cadre are presented in the Bharat Bhawan, out of which there are six international biennials of print art. Thousands of stage performances are made here among which few of them are world famous. This is the place where prolific poets, readers and writers are given chance to put forward their piece of art in solo reading forms. Moreover, it is a pride for the best artists of the country to be able to represent their talent here.

Several accomplished and skilled international level dancers have made stage shows here. Furthermore there are music maestros, all time proficient artists, theatre personalities and great musicians who have showed and proved their talent time and again. The different geniuses in different fields of art, science, literature, language and culture have come up to the stage of Bharat Bhawan to showcase their talent.

It was a beautiful that became true after a beautiful day and evening in the Bharat Bhawan. I was deeply contented to the core of my heart by the end of the day.

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