Aashima Mall, Bhopal – A Multipurpose Utility Area

It was the evening of my fifth day stay in Bhopal. In the morning, we had a wonderful time in the Bharat Bhawan. I learnt a lot about the cultural evidences of India. Being a teacher of Social Science, it was indeed my type of thing as I got a good dose of knowledge in the form of arts, language and literature. Till the fifth day I had not found any time for shopping and marketing in the new city. Being an ardent lover for shopping and a shopaholic by heart, I could not resist the temptation and finally I succeeded in convincing my husband for taking me round the Aashima Mall in Bhopal.

asihma mall, bhopal

Asihma Mall, Bhopal | Image Resource : bhopalguide.in/place/aashima-the-lake-city-mall/

The mall is built up on a land of 1 million square feet. The presence of this modern mall has changed the face of Bhopal and provided it the much contemporary look and luster among other cities. There are different stores within the mall which sell clothing, accessories, body care items, stationeries, automobiles, jewelry, home decoration items, garments for kids, men and women. The different items found in the mall are under a single roof therefore one may not have to move from one place to another for buying things. Also one can find gift shops and souvenir stores in the mall which are decent places to buy something for friends. I bought few souvenirs to gift my friends back at Puri.

inside view of aashima mall, bhopal

Inside View of Aashima Mall, Bhopal | Image Resource : hitechaudiosystems.com/projects_second.php?a=pr&pi=30

Apart from several stores there are different eateries and food joints present in the mall that provides the much needed relaxation of the people. Café, kitchen counters, restaurants and bars are housed within the mall. People can even taken their children to the mall as there are kid’s toy train, cinepolis, toy car and play on facilities which will amuse them and keep them occupied for a long time.

The mall is quite decent place where facilities and services are of the top grade. They provide services and facilities such as a Wi-Fi zone, prams, wheelchair, first Aid, baby and mother care rooms, doctor on call, rickshaw stand and ‘lost n found’ center.

We spent a good 3 hours within the mall and surprisingly that was not enough to see the entire mall in a single time. Finally we had our dinner in the food joints present there and came back to the hotel.


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