Lower Lake, Bhopal – For a Serene Timing

We woke early in the morning and I started to make plans for the day. It was the last but one day of our stay in Bhopal. The different features and diversities of Bhopal have always surprised me. I was already impressed with the variety of natural resources found in Bhopal and the immense variety of flora and fauna. As in the previous day we made a visit jointly to the Bharat Bhawan and Aashima Mall, it was the time for a visit to the natural surroundings of Bhopal and what could have been better than the Lower Lake? We took a city bus and started for the journey to the Lower Lake.

The city of Bhopal is known for its lakes and becalming water bodies. The Lower lake or “Chhota Talab” crosses the road from railway station and as we staying in a hotel which was in close proximity to the station; it was much easier for us to reach at the Lower Lake. Then there is the Upper Lake or “Bada Talab” which sprawls and stretches across 31 kilometers through the city. The Upper Lake is divided into two segments by an over-bridge. Owing only to the division, the top part is called as Upper Lake and the bottom part of the lake is known as the Lower Lake.

lower lake, bhopal

Lower Lake, Bhopal | Image Resource : mustseeindia.com/photos/43822

Bhoj Wetland is the joint name of both the Upper and Lower Lake. The Lower Lake is situated among the serene and peaceful surroundings of the majestic hills and Upper Lake. It is a beautiful remnant of the Mughal era which is still wet and people visit it now as a lookout point of Bhopal.

There is the presence of magnificent Kamla Garden near the lake which offers boat rides and exciting trips with the help of paddle boats, motor boats and sail boats. It offers immense scope of amusement and youngsters and love-birds are seen flocking around the region making it more cheerful and lively.

lake lower, bhopal

Lake Lower, Bhopal | Image Resource : science-express.com/?p=620

The time in evening is the best to enjoy the serenity of the Lower Lake. We spent a good evening near the lake. There are different snacks and juice parlors around the lake to make people choose anyone of it and spend a good time with friends and family. After a soothing and bewitching evening near the Lower Lake we returned back to the hotel.

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