Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal – A Wildlife Abode

Wildlife and natural forests have always attracted me besides having a keen interest in sociology and culture. It was the seventh and last day of our stay in Bhopal. All of us were equally nostalgic and emotional as we had to leave Bhopal on that day only. But we wanted to visit a fun and lively place such as zoo or some national park and what could have been better than Van Vihar National Park of Bhopal! We decided to take a bus to the location from the Bhopal Central Bus stand. It only took us 10 minutes to reach near the park vicinity.

The park is located in a large area of 445 hectares of land and contains a wide collection of rich flora and fauna. There are several species of animals and birds preserved in the national park. Also one can find different endangered species of animals being preserved and protected in their natural habitat. The Van Vihar National park is run by the Government but as every national park, it is a public property and therefore people too take care not to litter stuffs on the pathways and in the cages of the animals.

van vihar national park, bhopal

Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal | Image Resourde :

My children are fond of wildlife and they love seeing varieties of animals and birds. It was more of a fun place or them as they enjoyed viewing so many animals in a single place. There are several species of animals such as the lion, tiger, cheetah, sloth bear, leopard, red horned bull, bison, sambar, giraffe, wild boar, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, black buck etc. Among birds, there are mynah, spotted redshank, laughing dove, greater coucal, spot billed duck, little egret, little cormorant, shikra etc. found in the national park.

The park is located near the Upper Lake of Bhopal. Therefore the environment around the park and the surrounding is quite green and pacifying. The typical view of the sub set spreads crimson red color on the sky which is yet another striking feature. People can even go for boating in the Upper Lake where these offers are just made to make you day with your loved ones. We spent a lot of time in the park and enjoyed the whistling chirps of a variety of birds. With a contented and delightful heart we came back to our hotel to pack our bags for Puri.


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