Effective Teaching Using Digital Aids

Sleep Aids For Children

Sleep Aids For Children | Image Resource : coolhunting.com/

I am a teacher by profession and choice. I enjoy teaching, as I believe I play a key role in creating a new nation. The advent of internet has unleashed a new trend in teaching which is creative, intelligent, and quick. The Indian schools are always slow in upgrading to match the latest technologies. Teachers need to take initiative and decide to use digital aids and internet to simplify teaching. Here are some simple ways in which computer and internet can improvise teaching in schools.

Literacy of Digital Teaching

Literacy of Digital Teaching | Image Resource : teachthought.com/

Creating Educational Blogs

Teachers can use blogs to educate. The blogs are a great way to share information on the internet. You may even include a separate question-answer forum where students may post their queries. Creating a blog is a very easy task and it is a great way to interact with kids.

Aids of Educational Blogs

Aids of Educational Blogs | Image Resource : huffingtonpost.com/

Online Projects and Presentations

Many school projects and presentations can be done effectively by using the online media. Presentations can be made by using PowerPoint or other similar online tools. You can make interesting slides with images and photographs.

Use of Info graphics Instead of Traditional Charts

You can also make charts and presentations in the form of info graphics. Several websites assist you in making truly eye-catchy info graphics. These are great ways to portray information in a simple manner.

Traditional Pai Charts

Traditional Pai Charts | Image Resource : familyresearchinst.org/

Share Online Videos

Videos help to simplify teaching as you can actually give audio-visual guidance to your student. You can create videos of teaching as well as of various guidelines. The student can revise by watching these videos.

Assignments and Homework’s

You may even provide assignments and homework’s to kids online. You can even conduct online tests and quizzes. The digital media makes your presence felt even when you are away.

Teaching Aids

Teaching Aids | Image Resource : edtechreview.in/

Things to Remember While Using the Internet to Teach

Here are some facts you as a teacher must keep in mind while using the online media to teach.

  • Parental control should be there on the use of information on the internet based on the child’s age and maturity.
  • The projects and assignments should be directed towards improving the child’s skills and talents.

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