My Journey from Puri to Pune via Khurda Road Junction – The Initiation of a Wonderful Trip With My Family

It was going to be a long journey but pleasurable for sure. As we got ready with bags and baggage, I could see the excitement in my children’s eyes. Although, the reasons for travel may differ from person to person, the pleasure while traveling for some reason is universal to all. Just as for me it meant seeing and visiting monuments and ancient places, for my children, the most likely reason to travel was plain fun with no studies or school to worry about. My husband, I guess was simply happy that the rest of us were happy and excited about the trip. Thus, began my journey from Puri to Pune via Khurda Road Junction. I had my driver come around to help us reach the Khurda Road Junction from where we were to take the Konark Express to Pune.

konark express

Konark Express | Image Resource :

We reached the Khurda Road Junction just in time for the Konark Express, which departed around 3:50 in the afternoon. Since our tickets were reserved, we did not have any difficulty finding our seats and soon all of us settled into our seats and were ready to begin the next phase of our journey. The kids had had a lot of activity since morning, finally gave in to fatigue and dozed off. For the lack of any other thing to do, I too slept off only to be woken up a few hours later at the Vishakhapatnam station where my close relatives stay. Despite all my protests, they insisted to come to the station to give us food for the train journey and though I was hesitant at first, later I relented because I was travelling with children and it helped to have homemade meals for them.

My journey from Puri to Pune via Khurda Road Junction reached its last leg when the following day we reached the Secunderabad Junction at noon and then our destination Pune by Konark Express by midnight. Thankfully, the train was not late or uncomfortable otherwise it would have been a big problem with kids. We were booked at the Central Park Hotel, Pune and the car commute to the hotel was set.


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