The Central Park Hotel, Pune is a Delight for Stay

It helped to have the car come from the hotel to pick us up. We did not have to look for conveyance in a strange city in the middle of the night. Although the hotel did not offer round the clock check-in facility but I was okay with the extra they might charge. While travelling with kids one had to let go of such trivial matters. One look at The Central Park Hotel, Pune and I was assured of the choice of the hotel that I had made. It looked posh and impressive. The lobby was inviting and very comfortable. The children waited on the plush seating arrangement while we- my husband and I sorted out the formalities of check-in. Very quickly then, we were done and we were directed to our rooms and our luggage ensued.

Central Park Hotel, Pune

Central Park Hotel, Pune | Image Resource :

The rooms are extremely commendable. They looked elegant and the décor is very attractive. We had specifically requested for two rooms which were near each other and the hotel had provided. Kids were elated at the prospect of their own rooms and for a moment thought that it meant more freedom for them but I had it in my mind to keep an eye on them so that they are asleep by the correct hour. It was imperative because we had a lot of sightseeing activities planned for the entire week and I wanted them fresh when they travel outdoors. The opulence of the room and the color television set made them drool and before I knew it was on and running streaming their favorite channels. I had to intervene. The kids these days can only indulge in non-interactive pursuits while I was bent on making their experiences richer through informative sightseeing.

Night View of Central Park Hotel

Night View of Central Park Hotel | Image Resource :

All in all, the stay in The Central Park Hotel, Pune was turning out to be very good and after a night long rest, we were ready for our first sightseeing venture to the Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Sarvajanik Ganpati Pune. It was only our first day in Pune and I was brimming with excitement looking forward to all the fantastic places that we would travel while we were in Pune.

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