Lal Mahal Fort, Pune – Made by ShahjiRaje Bhosale for Jijau Maasaheb

The food and the eating options at our hotel were varied and eclectic and with very innovative names too. There is the ‘Time after Time’ from Ginger where world cuisine can be savored, then there is Flap Jack which is a coffee shop par excellence; one could relish the mouth watering delicacies at ‘Smoke on the Water’ or chill at the Zanzibar – the restolounge. Likewise, the breakfast spread too was very delicious and huge including all possible varieties of an American breakfast and also included options of Indian dishes. With the whole day ahead of us for the sightseeing activities, I ensured that the kids take a wholesome breakfast so that if lunch is a bit late, it would not matter. First up for us, was the Lal Mahal Fort, Pune- home to the great Shivaji and is testimony to the various battles that have been fought here. One such famous battle fought was the fight between Shaista Khan and Shivaji.

Lal Mahal, Pune

Lal Mahal Fort, Pune | Image Resource :

I entered the premise holding great expectations from the place and was suitably rewarded with the visual treat of life size canvas paintings of Shivaji and Rajmata Jija Bai. There are carvings and other depictions from the wars that the great leader fought and a map of Maharashtra too which highlighted all the forts that Shivaji had under his jurisdiction. What caught my attention is this carving which had the entire family- Shivaji, Dadoji Konddeo and Rajmata Jija Bai where Shivaji is supposedly holding a gold plough. Each artifact within the premise spoke its own story and helped us reconnect some of the stories of the Marathas. Outdoors, the Jijamata Garden has taken the role of engaging the children by its conversion into a popular recreational park which attracted my children too.

The Lal Mahal Fort, Pune is not just an average monument; it has a great amount of history associated with it that included the Marathas and their celebrated leader Shivaji. Who cannot know the valor of Shivaji and his celebrated life peeking through the paintings and the relics found here. We took our leave from the place and proceeded towards the famous Kailash Bhel at Khed Shivapur, Pune.


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