Famous Kailash Bhel at Khed Shivapur, Pune – A Yummy Lip-Smacking Gastronomical Delight

Street food had never been my favorites but the famous Kailash Bhel at Khed Shivapur, Pune had come so recommended that  I could not help but visit the joint just out of plain curiosity what possibly can be so world-class about the humble Bhel that attracts all who visit Pune. The city has turned out to be more than I had expected- it is this bustling metro-like with such great historical significances in its core that people can have the best of both the worlds. One can be immersed in the cultural heritage of the land and at the same time enjoy the modern aspects of the city.

The Bhel Joint is owned by Mr.Shivraj Mithare, a young fellow who probably is unaware of the great popularity that his modest joint has. Or maybe he has some idea because the traffic snarls that his stall causes in the nearby areas is proof to him about the popularity of the food that he serves. For the locals, this seems to be the favorite haunt and a great meeting point for the youth and others of varied age groups. With the growing popularity, the joint also offers to give away packages for the gentry to take it back to eat in the confinement of their residences and offices. It was getting dark and just as predicted, the traffic was getting worse since the evening. But you do get to eat the Bhel if you have set yourself to the task. Jostling and striving to find a place among the locals and fellow tourists, I was able to secure a place for me and my family and ordered to have the famous Bhel.

kailash bhel khed shivapur, Pune

kailash bhel khed shivapur, Pune | Image Resource : team-bhp.com/

Just as there is never smoke without fire, funny co-relation it is but the famous Kailash Bhel at Khed Shivapur, Pune is also not plain talk. It is a product of the most famous recipe of the Bhel made with utmost specifications and care that it actually is found true to its reputation. We were done regards food for the night I guess; some light dinner at the hotel room and the next day we would attack the Sinhagad Fort for yet another exciting day.


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