National War Museum, Pune – A Tribute to Indian Army and Its Soldiers

I suppose it is in our blood to fight for our land and for the just. From the earliest soldiers to the native Marathas to the freedom strugglers and to the present day army, we have had numerous stories of bravery reflecting the prowess of our nation to protect our boundaries against all evils. It is only befitting to have such a tribute as the National War Museum, Pune to commemorate the efforts of our soldiers in securing our homeland. Constructed at the behest of the Express Citizens’ Forum, the establishment of the Museum had a lot of contributors. Not only the rich donated for the construction of the Museum but also the notable and caring citizens who had in their hearts to salute the brave soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the country.

National War Museum, Pune

National War Museum, Pune | Image Resource :

The spark and the interest that I saw in the eyes of my children was a revelation for me. Indeed the nationalist feelings have such powerful ramifications that it gladdened my heart. There are informative sections that have on display a MIG 23 BN used in the Kargil War. Also, there is a similar but fake INS Trishul which has helped the Indian Army in various wars like the Indo- Pakistani War of 1971 and also the Portugal- India War. National War Museum is also known as the National War Memorial Southern Command and is housed in the Pune Cantonment. Interestingly, it is one of its kinds which have been constructed by the money donated by the citizens and with no other help from the Government. It continues to inspire us and has been given a fresh lease of funds by the Pune Cantonment Board. The area around the exhibits are intended to be beautified for a more pleasant experience who come here to know more about the sacrifices of the Indian soldiers post Independence.

National War Museum - Sherman Crab Flail Tank

National War Museum – Sherman Crab Flail Tank | Image Resource :

With the National War Museum, Pune visited, we were left with just the S.P.College, Pune and reluctantly we would have to wrap up our trip. But it certainly is not over until it is actually over and we were looking forward to the last day of excitement in the city, Pune.


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