Join me in My Train Travel from Bhubaneshwar to Chennai by Pnbe Ers Express

Being a working woman I have always tried to maintain a balance between work and home.Well working as a school teacher has also made this easier. I love spending time with my family especially my little kids who are the stars of my life. Hearing their whole day’s story, knowing about their studies, mischiefs and lots of queries are my every day’s routine after I return home from school. It is an advantage if you are a school teacher for you will get many holidays which you can utilise by visiting various places of interests. And if your kids are still in the school then it’s even easier for you to coordinate with their holidays to plan for a vacation trip. Thus this time when I got my winter holidays, I sat with my family to plan for a holiday trip. We have travelled to many destinations in India and sea shores are our joint favourite. Thus after much discussion we decided to visit Chennai this time. I was accompanied by my whole family in my train travel from Bhubaneshwar to Chennai by Pnbe Ers Express.

Pnbe Ers Express

Pnbe Ers Express | Image Resource :

I booked our ticket for the train online and bought tickets of ac three tier. Since the train Pnbe Ers Express runs two days in a week so I reserved our ticket for Friday. My kids were very excited as always as they become while we make any plan for going out for a trip. I had to pack their new trolley bags as well since they won’t leave without them. Our train was scheduled at 6.30 a.m., so we had to wake up really early to reach the station at time. Since Pnbe Ers Express starts from Patna, it halts only for 5 minutes at the Bhubaneshwar Station. We had to board the train as soon as it stopped at the platform. Getting into it safely I was relieved at last, since with two kids it is difficult to manage everything properly. My train travel from Bhubaneshwar to Chennai by Pnbe Ers Express, with my family was a good experience and I was hoping to get a nice welcome at the Kohinoor Asiana Hotel Chennai which was reserved for us.


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