San Thome Church, Chennai – an Architectural Magnificence and a Place of Peace

Being an Indian I have grown to accept different cultures besides my own. In fact since my childhood, I was brought up in a way that I learnt to respect and honour every religion and their beliefs. So I always try to instil the same cultural consciousness in my kids as they are growing and understanding. Though I am a Hindu, the religion of Christianity has always fascinated me from my childhood. I have loved to visit churches at different places and the life of Jesus Christ has always given me goosebumps.

View of San Thome Church, Chennai

View of San Thome Church, Chennai | Image Resource :

How a person could be so kind and forgiving, I always used to think. Still now I love reading the fictional story unveiling some secrets about the church and life of Jesus. Though they are fictional plots still they make me think if they are real. Thus whenever I visit to any new place for holidays I always visit some beautiful churches, temples and mosques, whose quiet ambience offers peace to your soul. This time being in Chennai we visited the San Thome Church Chennai, which is a wonderful piece of architecture that any art lover would hardly like to miss.

Santhome Church, Chennai

Santhome Church Chennai | Image Resource :

Built over the tomb of Saint Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, St. Thomas Basilica was rebuilt as a church by the British that stands till the present time. This 19th century creation is adorned in Neo-Gothic style. The very sight of the church from outside invoked a special feeling in my heart.

Being an Indian I felt privileged to live in a country that witnessed the arrival of Saint Thomas who brought Christianity to India. There are total three basilicas in the world, built on the tomb of an apostle. St. Peter’s at Rome and St. Jame’s at Spain are the other two. My kids were also watching the huge interior of the church as we walked into the Main Alter at the San Thome Church Chennai. The statue of Jesus Christ at the main alter was so serene. My kids were excited to identify Him and were busy lighting the candles outside. Apart from the church we also visited some exciting places in Chennai like the Arignar Anna Zoological Park Chennai.


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