Arignar Anna Zoological Park Chennai – A Reserve of Wonderful Flora and Fauna

Winter holidays have always been the time to visit the zoos with my kids. My whole family prefers the tour around the wild animals and birds and to have a little picnic over there also. I try to spend make the holidays eventful for the kids as they enjoy the time and also have a lot to share with friends once the school reopens. And since the zoo is a place good enough to spend in the pleasant weather of the winter, so it becomes a nice place for our outing.

Since we are based in Puri, the famous Nandan Kanan Zoo is a favourable choice for us. But since we planned our winter holiday tour for Chennai, I thought of visiting the Arignar Anna Zoological Park Chennai. My kids were so enthusiastic about seeing a new zoo that they were up early in the morning without any tantrums. We had our lunch packed from the hotel along with some chips, biscuits and cold drinks to be eaten in our way.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Chennai

Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Chennai | Image Resource :

The Arignar Anna zoo is also known as the Vandalur zoo as it is located in Vandalur suburb of Chennai. Covering a huge area it is the largest zoological park of India that also harbours a rescue and rehabilitation centre. We had to wait for the tickets as there was a queue in front of the ticket counter and I had to keep a strict eye on my kids, who were busy plying, so that they do not get lost in the crowd. The facility of electric car offered a one hour tour through the park. The zoo had a large variety of species of birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and butterflies.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Arignar Anna Zoological Park | Image Resource :

My children were very excited to behold the lions from the vehicle as we went for a safari ride over there. The elephant safari was also a splendid one, though my little ones were a little scared to watch the huge beast from such proximity. The deer park and reptile house has huge collections and so did the aviaries and butterfly confinements. It was a wonderful time that we spend in the Arignar Anna Zoological Park Chennai and all of us enjoyed the experience very much.

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