Kapaleeshwar Temple Chennai Says the Story of it Glory

The most beautiful part of southern India is the temples and their architectural built which is India’s heritage since our ancient period. It depicts that India is the land of spiritual leaders since early historical era. I had a wonderful visit to Chennai two years back. Visiting Kapaleeshwar Temple Chennai happened to me by luck as I was in Chennai to my cousin’s paying guest house for sometime to spend some of the days with her and cherish our early days’ memory. It was she who suggested me to visit once the temple of Lord Shiva. Finally we planned for a visit to the temple.

Kapaleeshwar Temple Chennai

Kapaleeshwar Temple Chennai | Image Resource : jolytrip.com/

The temple is located in Mylapore and has the Dravidian style structure with noticeable architecture. It is profoundly devoted to Lord Shiva. Swarms of devotees visit this pilgrimage every year to worship Lord Shiva and several followers of several divine deities such as Murugar, Durgai, Annamalaiyar, Dakshinamurthy, Saneeswara, Chandikeshwar. The temple comprises a tank and idols of sixty three Saivite saints which are carved impeccably in bronze. These were the saints who devoted all their life in the adoration of Lord Shiva. There are certain more alluring statues of other Hindu Gods. It is said by legend that Goddess Parvati disguised herself in the form of a peacock to marry Lord Shiva and it remained the reason behind the name of the Mylapore as ‘Myle’ is the Tamil version of peacock. I was astounded by the centuries old construction of the temple. It was filling me with refreshment. It is my pride to be born in a country like India with such spiritual and historical features that depicts India’s glorious past. The original temple was submerged in the sea long years ago and later on new construction was held.

Close view of Kapaleeshwar Temple Chennai

Close view of Kapaleeshwar Temple Chennai | Image Resource : vagabondvirginia.files.wordpress.com/

The sacred tank beside the Kapaleeshwar Temple Chennai is said to diminish the individual sins and hence a sacred bath is the foremost activity over here. We took some pictures of the temple and its surroundings which has amazing unwinding and blissful features to be experienced. Seeing this temple reenergized me to visit the other places of Chennai including the famous historical fort in the vicinity.

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