A Trip to The St. George Fort Chennai Made Me Leave in Amazement

Though history did not remain my favourite subject, yet historical places ranked top on my agenda of destinations during travelling. It is rare combination of my characteristics. Visiting St. George Church Chennai was the part of my excitement as I have only read about this place in history or on the internet. But this rendezvous happened to me for the first time during my visit to Chennai.

I was heading towards the one of the oldest forts in India which was established in the year 1680 with its crowning glory. Now being the hotspot of tourist attractions the fort draws number of tourists every year who come to visit Chennai. The oldest tombstones found in the premises of the church are of St. George, the British saint since the origin of British in India. Inside the church premises there also comprise a museum known as Fort Museum where massive repository of arms and ammunitions of the British ruling period are displayed. The derivation of British rule in India is depicted in this museum with the help of wide array of artefacts and relics utilized during the era of British rule. These artefacts include manuscripts, letters, coins, uniforms, shields, medals, canons, weapons, paintings and several others.

Fort St. George Chennai

Fort St. George Chennai | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org/

I learnt that the common people could enter the museum from the year 1948 and exhibited a small number of objects left by the Britishers. Most of the artefacts at that time were received as donations from Presidency Government, army units and Church authorities amongst others. However, at the time of my visit, there were more than three thousand different objects which are possessed through different modes. The building, as I could clearly see, was the oldest one within that fort.

We were really excited and even tiredness couldn’t stop us from exploring all the three floors which house approximately 10 galleries. I was welcomed by a statue belonging to Lord Cornwallis. I felt a sense of pride for the soldiers who went down fighting against the British during the wars. It was mostly after I saw the large number of arms including pistols, cannon shots, helmets, daggers, bows, arrows, rifles and petard. The visit to this fort left me in amazement.


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