Government Museum Chennai Is the Oldest yet Contemporary House of Indian Relics

My journey to Chennai was taking new moulds each time when I was moving to the places I wanted to observe since my younger days and it had all the colours of travelling. The Government Museum Chennai was among those places of interest that gave me the combination of delightful journey with bulk of historical knowledge. The museum is the choice of large number of tourists as it keeps them embedded with the culture and customs of southern India and its historical past.

Government Museum Chennai

Government Museum Chennai | Image Resource :

Spread in 16.25 acres of land the museum is located in the heart of the city named Egmore on Patheon Road, with great dignity. It houses around 46 galleries of its exhibits and various displays. It was introduced in 1851 and ranks second oldest after Indian Museum in Kolkata and treasures some premium masterpieces of anthropology, archaeology, art, numismatics and many others as an opulent repository in southern India. It is reckoned among the South Asia’s largest museums with six sovereign buildings that consist of 46 galleries including Children’s Museum, Bronze Gallery, Contemporary Art Gallery, Main building, National Art Gallery and Front Building.

Cannon in Government Museum Chennai

Cannon in Government Museum Chennai | Image Resource :

Among the six of them I was able to witness only four of them which are amazing in their own terms. They were National Art Gallery, Contemporary Art Gallery, Bronze Gallery and the Main Building. They are some of the important galleries that comprise of unlimited relics and specimens of the past glorious history of India. Main building consist of sculptures, philately and botany galleries accompanied with animal galleries. Front building has an interesting part of puppet gallery to display the folk art and traditional music which was left by me. While the National Art Gallery houses some brilliant pieces and paintings of the artistic prodigies. Evolvement of art and its origin can be easily observed in the Contemporary Art Gallery which I liked the most.

Since I did not have enough time to witness the entire museum, I checked some of the suggested galleries by my cousin. I had a great time seeing the Government Museum Chennai and wanted to catch up some more interesting places of Chennai. I came out of Museum to have some playful time at the beach of Chennai.

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