Amir Mahal Chennai – Yet another Great Historical Saga of India

Southern India is the amalgamation of temples, beaches, churches, hill stations, backwaters and mush more. They are the valuable features of tourism in southern India that is appreciated by maximum number of tourists including foreigners. It depicts the multi-dimensional background of India. Chennai being the important part of this dimension have some great tourist spots that are loved by number of visitors travelling to Chennai for business or pleasure purpose. It too has some historical sites to be observed with great interest. Amir Mahal Chennai is a historical monument which has a great bygone background.

Amir Mahal Chennai

Amir Mahal Chennai | Image Resource :

To establish directorial offices of British India Company it was constructed in the year of 1978 by the Company itself. It is built as massive architectural structure and is counted as the historical landmark of Chennai. My eyes were constantly gazing at the huge mansion and it was a feeling of pride for the nation that it houses such historical monuments in its various states. Its origin is related to titular Nawab of Arcot who used to reside here with his family. The location is really peaceful and it narrates the lifestyle of the Nawab as a ruler. The palace is spread across 14 acre of the land and is around 300 years old. It was the abode of His Highness Nawab Mohammad Abdul Ali Azim Jah since his existence from 1867 AD. I was astonished to know that the palace is presently the house of eighth Prince of Arcot in accession and has nearly 600 members including family, servants, staffs and their respective families. After the death of last Nawab of Carnatic the palace was owned by the Government and it provided the same to the paternal uncle of Prince Azeem Shah, the Prince of Arcot.

Inside Amir Mahal

Inside Amir Mahal | Image Resource :

It was a great experience to know the vast history of the Amir Mahal Chennai and its ancient rulers. The history simply mesmerized me with its glory and grand rulers. India is bagged with so many historical events and incidents that it’s impossible to know about the entire journey of India from prehistoric era to recent period. Being flocked with so many ancient stories I left the place to visit another historical site of Chennai.

Darbar At Amir Mahal

Darbar At Amir Mahal | Image Resource :

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