Elliot’s Beach Chennai Has Some Refreshing Moments to Be Shared for Long

Moving to Elliot’s Beach Chennai was simply a refreshing and rejuvenating experience for me which would be treasured for long in travelling features of my life. Away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan city, the beach is located at the distance of 60 kilometres at Besant Nagar. This is an extremely relaxing beach for the people who want to escape from the turmoil of their hectic working life.

Elliot’s Beach Chennai

Elliot’s Beach Chennai | Image Resource : indiatour4u.com

The shores and the waves are exclusively romantic and cater with some of the thrilling experience of the journey to Chennai. Its unwinding and chic surroundings arrest swarms of tourists to become the part of it. The beach is encompassed with array of restaurants, fast food hubs and snacks corners. I could see cheerful gestures of the visitors that had come to have some delightful moments to be shared with their love ones and friends. I too had some relishing snacks with my cousin gazing at the see waves and the breath taking views of the beach. Sun bathing and relaxing for long hours are the major activities of the visitors at the beachside. It is also well connected by every modes of transportation and hence we reached the beach in short span of time.

Velankanni Church In Chennai

Velankanni Church In Chennai | Image Resource : placeforholidays.co

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Being the hotspot for the youngsters, the beach remains a celebrated hangout for them and the foreign tourists who peacefully relax at the beachside to take sunbath. Popular temple and church of Chennai is also located in the vicinity of the beach and are visited by number of tourists who come to this beach. I was also interested to have a haunt to both of this place but could not manage with the time.

Karl Schmidst Memorial

Karl Schmidst Memorial | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Without being regretted about what I could not see, I was cherished with what I had observed and got from other places of Chennai. Elliot’s beach Chennai gave me a lifetime experience to be appreciated and valued in my travel diary. I remained profoundly attached to the place and want to visit number of times whenever I get the chance in future. With some memorable moments, I picked up my next destination of Chennai to a grand and aristocratic palace.

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