Valluvar Kottam Chennai – The Admiring Monument Dedicated to the Great Tamil poet

To know the historical civilization of India with zoom, Chennai is the live speaker. One of the four metropolitan cities, Chennai is the home to traditional temples, cultural heritage and innumerable historical site including the Valluvar Kottam Chennai as one of them. The place with flawless history of India and its evolution has many things to convey to its visitors. This ancient monument was built in honour of Thiruvalluvar, the historical and intellectual poet who was also a saint and a philosopher of the prehistoric India about 2000 years ago. He had written Thirukkural with 133 chapters consisting of 1330 verses.

Valluvar Kottam Chennai

Valluvar Kottam Chennai | Image Resource :

The monument was built by the early Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in the period of 1975 on the dumping ground of the city. The place has great significance in the history of India as it is dedicated to one of the most ancient and intellectual saint. V. Ganapati Sthapati was the architecture behind the guidance of the construction of the monument. It was he who also sculpted the statue of Thiruvalluvar in Kanyakumari.

Valluvar Kottam Chennai Lion

Valluvar Kottam Chennai Lion | Image Resource :

The monument consists of massive auditorium that has the capacity to accommodate nearly 4000 people at a time. One of the most remarkable features of the monument is that it stands without any pillar or foundation. The verses of the book written by Thiruvalluvar are engraved in the corridor walls of the monument that encloses the auditorium. The lion on the gateway is embellished with remarkable designs and attracts many visitors to witness the place with keen interest. It is said that 3000 and more blocks of stone were utilized to construct the monument.

Valluvar Kottam Chennai Elephant

Valluvar Kottam Chennai Elephant | Image Resource :

The honour and admiring gestures given to the great poet Thiruvalluvar is transparently depicted from the construction of this noteworthy monument and has great significance in the literature of Tamil. I got surprised that apart from me, many visitors were also there to observe Valluvar Kottam Chennai and all of them were equally excited after exploring the history behind the same. It was a great day for me that I rendezvous with so many historical features of Chennai and was grateful to my cousin who gave me the opportunity to cherish the same throughout my life.


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