How to be a Better Teacher

Teaching can be the best profession in the world if you are a good teacher. However, if handling students is not your forte then it could turn into a very exhausting, stressful and painful. Following are some of the tips help you be a better teacher.

Good Teacher

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Tips :
As a teacher, you should know two things: Managing your classroom and planning your lesson.

Better Teaching Skills

Better Teaching Skills | Image Resource :

Step 1 : Managing your classroom

– Be their Role model : Your student look up to you and will probably copy your behaviour as a person. If you are rude, respect your students idea, insult for minor mistakes would impact them. They may behave in the same manner.

– Make rules : Set some rules for your students, so that the process of teaching goes on smoothly.

– Consequence : Warn your students about the consequences of breaking the rules.

– Show compassion : Try to understand your student’s problem and never ignore them they come to you with their problems. No matter how irrelevant they are.

– Build a creative environment : Give your students to come forward and share their ideas even if they are illogical.

– Have a peaceful classroom : If you students were friendly with each other, this would not be a problem. No matter how fun and cool you are as a teacher, your lesson should be conducted with the required discipline and without disrupting other classes.

Step 2 : Plan your lesson

Having objective : This is the most important part of being a teacher. If you are clear about your objective as a teacher then you know what your students should be learning and which, is the best to make them learn and understand a topic.

Plan your lessons :

A Lesson should be divided into three parts; Lecture, Participation and Question and Answer.

In Lesson, the teacher will explain the topic and different aspect related to it. In Participation, The teacher will ask the student to come forward and take part in activity such as group discussion. In Question and Answer, the students are supposed to answer the questions related to the topic discussed during the lecture.

So if you want to be a better teacher make sure you follow these rules. Hope you liked this blog; Feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

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