Delicious Foods of Guwahati Assam, Delicacies To Look Forward to After A Fulfilling Day

It is the cuisine of the lands that we visit interests me the most. The variety of the food in a given region, the refinement and the elegance speak volumes about the culture and gives us an insight into the nature of the populace of the place. The local produce and the taste sensibilities are the two most crucial factors that bares out in open the lifestyles of the country or the city that one chooses to travel in.

Assamese cuisines has a lot of fermentation and drying at one end and some great variety of local produce on the other so the blend of the freshness and preservatives make it irresistible to the palette. The delicious foods of Guwahati Assam have a mix of traditional methods of cooking and some modern techniques thrown in which makes it truly unique.

Assamese Thali

Assamese Thali | Image Resource :

Topmost in the menu in Assamese cuisines are a dish called khar which begins the meal. The meal may conclude traditionally with tenga, a sour dish. I could savor it all because I insisted that we stick to the local cuisine for dinner. What better way to experience the vibe of the place than to eat among the locals in the local setting some of the delicacies that are of Assam’s own! To begin with I was quite taken aback by the bell metal utensils which they say is specifically created by a local community called Mariya.

Masor Tenga

Masor Tenga | Image Resource :

The prime satiating ingredient in the cuisine is the humble rice. It finds its inclusion in all the meals in all forms. While in breakfast there would be chira with yoghurt and jiggery, poita or rice cooked overnight finds its place in the lunch menu and for snacks it is the sticky form of rice; the dishes are known as kumol saul or xando.

h and lastly for the concluding meal of dinner it could be rice either boiled, steamed or roasted in a special way which is by wrapping it in leaves.


Poitabhat | Image Resource :

The delicious foods of Guwahati Assam are truly very tasty and I and my family took a delicious dig wholeheartedly. A night’s rest and we were ready for Manas National Park Assam for the following.


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