Hotel President Guwahati Assam Extending Superior Hospitality to Avid Travelers

We were truly tired with two days of the train journey and then the short road journey so the sight of the hotel approaching was very relieving. The structure gleamed in the stillness and the dark of the night. The moment we reached Hotel President Guwahati Assam, the first thing that struck me was the speedy check-in facilities of the hotel. Despite the ungodly hour, the executives working at the front office were very efficient and professional with their jobs. And their hospitality was touching, the welcome drinks on arrival while sitting in the plush sofa of the hotel brightened up the tiring day for my kids. Very soon our room was allotted and we were ushered in our rooms.

Hotel President Guwahati Assam

Hotel President Guwahati Assam | Image Resource :

Elegantly done room with spacious surroundings housing every conceivable amenity is the best how I could describe the room setting. I was pleased. As for the kids, all I could get them to do was get into their night clothes and off they went to sleep. I too and unpacked when the tiredness of the travel set in and I dozed off. The bright morning greeted us in the morning. I had opted to let half a day remain at leisure for it is pointless to push the kids in this particular morning when they were still recovering from the long journey. But I had misjudged them, from the moment they were awake, they were like a bundle of enthusiasm. We moved out of the room looking to catch on our complimentary breakfast. Soon, we were all seated for the breakfast fare and the hearty meal ensued. I looked at my kids for a moment and seeing the happy look on their faces, it gave me a sense of contentment.

This day I had plans to take them to the Kaziranga National Park Assam, the prime sightseeing of the land. It had been a surprise for the kids which I am sure they would love. Hotel President Guwahati Assam is indeed a great hotel with very friendly and helpful staff. There was simply no lag in their services and that was which was very commendable.


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