Manas National Park Assam – For More Animals and a Chunk of Nature

How can one stay away from animals when there are kids in the house? Hence buckling under popular pressure, I made plans accordingly and headed to Manas National Park Assam, another UNESCO Natural World Heritage site situated in the picturesque Himalayan foothills. Upon entrance, the park premise informational counter informs us that the park is home to some of the rare and endangered species like Hispid Hare, Assam Roofed Turtle, Pygmy Hog and the Golden Langur. This apart from an impressive population of the wild water buffalo makes the park incredibly unique and most visited.

View of Manas National Park

Main Entrance Gate View of Manas National Park | Image Resource :

With the curious minds of children as company, I had to be an informative guide for them; thanks to all the internet research I was able to answer their questions satisfactorily. With the conception and initiation of the park in the year 1928, the park began with a humble area of 360 km square but expanded its terrain in the next decades. With the inclusion of a bioreserve, the park progressed from being just a hunting reserve for the royal family to a proper park which attracted the heritage tag due to the illegal activities of poaching and terrorism in the area.

Elephant Safari in Manas National Park

Elephant Safari in Manas National Park| Image Resource :

The tributary of Brahmaputra River, Manasa flows centrally in the park. Interestingly, the park got its name from the serpent goddess Manasa too which answered the inquisitive minds of my children. Of the three range of the park- the Panbari, the Bansbari, and the Bhuiyapara, it seemed impossible to cover that entire expanse in the day yet we carried on and tried our best to experience it all. And then to top it the ranges are not connected well and there are some very difficult trails that connect one place to the other.

Jeep Safari in Manas National Park

Jeep Safari in Manas National Park| Image Resource :

The impressive flora and fauna of the Manas National Park Assam is very impressive and very diverse. The kids were brimming with excitement till the very end much to my delight. The next day on our radar was Agnigarh Tezpur Assam. It was certainly turning out to be better than my expectation in Assam and the look on my children’s face summed it all for me- pure pleasure.


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