Agnigarh Tezpur Assam – The Fortress to Keep Apart Lovers

The first mention of Agnigarh Tezpur and its brief by some locals got me pretty intrigued. Some referred to as a place shrouded in fire to keep the demon’s daughter in seclusion while others bluffed the theory, I was truly intrigued and wanted to check out the place myself. Therefore, with a plan to visit the Agnigarh Tezpur in Assam in got my reservation from smartphone’s travel booking app. Intended as a fortress, the present look of the historical site is resplendent with some natural landscaping but the alluring story behind its construction got me piqued.

The story revolves around Usha, the princess daughter of King Banasura who fell in love with Lord Krishna’s grandson Aniruddha. The prince had been just a fragment of the princess’ dreams but she bought it alive in a portrait and later got united in matrimony in the Gandharva style.

Agnigarh Tezpur Assam

Agnigarh Tezpur Assam | Image Resource :

The King was enraged with the defiance of his daughter and threw the bridegroom in prison and imprisoned his own daughter in this fortress that he specifically got constructed to keep her in seclusion away from her lover. But, for the rescue of the lovers came Lord Krishna who fought a fierce battle with the demon King and freed the two lovers.

The story has not lost its appeal since then and has been retold countless times. However, now the hillock stands here offering panoramic views to the tourists who climb it here to view the breathtaking scenery from the top. It is simply amazing to view the scene on a cloudless weather. The breeze blowing and the atmosphere mesmerizes immensely.

Agnigarh Tezpur

Agnigarh Tezpur | Image Resource :

Agnigarh Tezpur Assam is a lovely place and is beautifully maintained. The connotations of the story have been bought alive by depictions as we made it to the top. We spent considerable time admiring the views from the top and had a very relaxing time together. Away from the mad rush of the cities, this place provided peace to the soul. The following day, we had plans to go to Gurudwara Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Assam and I was thrilled to finally have my children go to a religious place for the Lord’s blessings.

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