Majuli Island Assam – Clean, Serene and A Beautiful Place to Spend Time In

The next stop in my trip was the Majuli Island Assam. It is a large river island in the Brahmaputra River and one of the largest of its kind in the world. But lately the island has sunk in as the river around it has risen. After getting onto the island I investigated more about the place and came to know that agriculture is the main industry and they grow the crops without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Otherwise handloom is a major occupation among the majority of population in the villages.

The culture followed by the people is basically of Assamese civilization and the pottery they make is the same that the people from Harappa Civilization use to make. The handloom work and other artifacts are world famous and have been preserved well by the people. The ecosystem of the place is great as it’s a hotspot for fauna and flora.

Majuli Island Assam

Majuli Island Assam | Image Resource :

I was able to see many birds like the Greater Adjutant Stork, Siberian Crane, Pelican and the Whistling Teal along with many types of geese and ducks roaming around or flying above my head. The air in the place was very fresh and I felt like breathing pure air after a long time. It was due to the fact that it lacked industries to pollute the place and the freshness was achieved by the chronic rainfall.

The main highlights of the place are many. Some of them are the Vaishnava Satras founded by Sankardeva, the beautiful migratory birds flying above, the colorful culture of the tribes, mask and pottery making which are famous across the world, the variety of festivals that are held round the year and the beautiful sunset in the river which is a delight to the eyes. The place is a treat for people interested in bird-watching as I learned that during winters, migratory birds inhabit the place totally.

I had great fun at Majuli Island Assam and I loved almost everything about the place and being a pollution free place, it’s nice to breathe clean and fresh air after a long time and with this I move ahead in my journey.


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