Bamuni Hills Tezpur Assam – The Place with Beautiful Carvings and Green Environment

After the Majuli Islands I decided to visit the Bamuni Hills Tezpur Assam. These hills are located at a distance of a few kilometers from the city of Tezpur. It is one of the most famous and beautiful picnic spots with people coming here in abundance to enjoy the beautiful sights and have a relaxing day.

This tourist destination is well liked by everyone including local, national and international visitors. These hills stand tall as if they are mystical and magical. The scenic and picturesque atmosphere is amazing. These hills are well known for the sculptural ruins which are of historical significance and date back to nearly 9th and 10th century. The art work finds a resemblance in the works of Gupta Period.

Bamuni Hills Tezpur Assam

Bamuni Hills Tezpur Assam | Image Resource :

Even ruins of the 4th century can be traced over here through the ruins of Da Parbatia. Some stone carvings are also designed on these hills which are of creative nature. There is also a beam or lintel which is cross shaped and decorated and designed with Kirtimukha Panels depicting Lord Vishnu’s ten incarnations or avatars. The temples of Lord Shiva in his Mahabhairab Avatar and temple of Bhairabi are located nearby along with the twin water tanks of Padum Pukhuri and Bar Phukuri.

Bamuni Hills Tezpur

Bamuni Hills Tezpur | Image Resource :

The place also had a modeled jet plane used by military which was beautiful to see as it was carved out extremely well. Different sculptures at various points in the place made it look more appealing and beautiful. A few sculptures were designed in such a way that it seemed that they might speak out at any possible moment. I was able to rest a little by sitting on the bench situated at various places in the park for the comfort of the people visiting the place. Aqua-guards were also situated at various ends of the park for the thirsty people to have cold water and feel refreshed again during the summer heat.

Sculpture of Bamuni Hills Tezpur

Sculpture of Bamuni Hills Tezpur | Image Resource :

The Bamuni Hills Tezpur Assam is a great place to spend some time as it is naturally beautiful and the carvings at various places increase the beauty of the place to new limits. With this, I move on to the next phase of the journey and to my last destination in this amazing trip.


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