Teach Your Kids To Value Time And Money

Parenting is a tough task. You have to become a role model to your child. You must be able to guide your child and teach them to lead a good life. You should teach them the importance of time and money. These are two factors that continually govern our lives.

It is always easy to teach your children diverse values through interactive games and quizzes. These retain the attention span of children too. I just figured out a few games and methods to teach kids the value of time and money.

Time And Money

Time And Money | Image Resource : discoveryhealing.com

Imaginary Salary
Let your child imagine that he has a salary of Rs 50 per hour and he works 40 hours each week. Make your child calculate how much time he will need to earn a certain amount. The amount can be the price of your child’s favorite toy. As the child learns the use of money, you may increase the sum. You may even use the pocket money as fake wage for older children.

The ‘What If’ Game
This is another way of doing the same thing. You can use a quiz to learn how much your child understands the value of money. You may start with ‘what if you had Rs 50? what would you do with it?’ You can slowly increase the amount. Make sure you note down the results. Play the game at some later period of time to know the difference in the child’s understanding.

‘Spending Time’ Concept
People in India manage to teach children to value money. They often fail to teach children the importance of time. Many people struggle all life to earn money but barely get to enjoy it.

The concept of spending time is a great way to teach your child to value time. Make your child note down the total time he is awake. You should also tell him to note down the daily activities like playing, going to school, watching television etc. The activities may be fixed time activities or variable time activities.

Value of Time and Money

Value of Time and Money | Image Resource : discoveryhealing.com/

You may also note down which are your child’s favorite activities. You may then calculate the percentage of time the child spends in activities he likes. This is a great way to teach your child the value of time as a resource.


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