Se Cathedral Goa – A Retreat of Tranquility!

I have read a great deal about Se Cathedral Goa before our trip and was thoroughly excited to visit this beautiful church, seeped into history. Another USP of Se Cathedral is- taking camera inside is allowed. Now I am an amateur photographer and I had visited many places of worship in the past that had breath-taking architectural beauty but prohibited photography- thus making me a little bit of sad every time.

Se Cathedral was situated in the old Goa area of Panaji and we dropped there at 9.00 am on a Wednesday morning. Though the cathedral remains open from 7.30 am-6.00 pm every day, my friend and I agreed upon to visit it early as we wanted to see this largest church of India, bathing in morning sun rays.

Se Cathedral Church Goa

Se Cathedral Church Goa | Image Resource :

Before stepping inside the church, the sprawling lush green compound, river Mandhovi flowing beside and the total grandiose of the building – created the perfect cause to go on a photo clicking frenzy for us.

Se Cathedral

Se Cathedral | Image Resource :

Construction of this church stated around the year 1562 and it ended in 1619- though it opened gate in 1640 after consecration. So close to 400 years, Se Cathedral (originally known as Se Cathedral de Santa Catarina), was a constant part of many historical upheavals of Goa.

What we liked most was the legend associated with the Cross of Miracles chapel. It is believed that in 1919, Christ had appeared in Se Cathedral and from thereon, the size of the cross is increasing every year steadily. However, as we didn’t see the cross earlier, we failed to notice anything. Nevertheless, we were quite floored by it.

Another attraction of Se Cathedral was the gigantic ‘Golden Bell’ and the kids got excited to know that- this was the largest bell in Goa.

Se Cathedral Church

Se Cathedral Church | Image Resource :

The art lover inside me was quite smitten with vintage paintings on display at both sides of the altar, while my friend was busy appreciating the six panels depicting life of Saint Catherine.

We almost spent three hours in and outside of Se Cathedral, and at the end of our trip, that day remained one of the fondest memories for each of us.


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