Anjuna Market Goa – A Paradise for Shopaholics!

As a budget traveler, whenever I visit a place, I only look out for affordable knick-knacks and keep high-priced stuff at a bay. I had heard (and read) dozens of good things about Anjuna Market, Goa and couldn’t wait to actually set my foot on its ground.

What really intrigued me about Anjuna Market Goa was that it remains open only during the months from October-to-April, and that too on every Wednesdays only. The market starts from 8.30 Am and we reached there sharp at 9.00 clock. Initially I was quite afraid that the children might start showing tantrums in the name of spending an entire day in shopping but found it quite surprisingly that they were more enthusiastic than us!

Anjuna Market

Anjuna Market | Image Resource :

Anjuna is a small beach town in North Goa and even the trip from our hotel in South Goa towards Anuja made for a pleasant one. When we arrived there, I was all at once really amazed to see the color riots in terms of colorful stalls selling fabrics, accessories and jewellery pieces in brightest hues possible. Not only the locals of Anjuna but even many foreigners were out there, who were selling hand-made junk jewellery, scarves, hats and many small decorative pieces.

I always love bargaining and Anjuma market seemed to me an open field of bartering for money. The market was stretched beautifully on a sandy beach and the marvelous view of ocean and cool breezes made our shopping expedition all the more fun. The children were hooked to the stalls selling toys, while my friend and I were appreciating the guitars and other musical instruments in the offering.

Anjuna Market Goa

Anjuna Market Goa | Image Resource :

Apart from its flamboyant stalls, the history of Anjuna market also made me interested. In the 60s, Goa was a haven for foreigner hippies and they started exchanging items with the locals in order to prolong their stay in Goa. From thereon, this custom evolved into a busy flea market which made it one of its kinds in India.

On that day, literally we shopped till dropped. But when it was time of departure, I felt that there were still so many things left to see and bargain for.


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