Fort Aguada – Standing Tallest, Telling the Portuguese History!

While roaming around in the streets of Goa, I found myself slowly attracted towards the history of this naturally rich and unique state of India. In various nukes and corners of Goa, we stumbled upon the signs that are still bearing the Portuguese history. But among them, Fort Aguada appeared to me- the most moving tale and sign of antiquity, which was wrapped around by the bygone era of erstwhile Portuguese kingdom.

The fort remains open from 9.30 am-6.00 pm.When we entered into the premise, it was around 4.00 pm in the afternoon. Apart from us, there was only handful of tourists, so it seemed that the whole sprawling area was completely at our disposal.

Goa Sinquerim Beach View

Goa Sinquerim Beach View | Image Resource:

 But apart from the fact that there was no entry fee, what made us really happy and excited was the path towards For Aguada. The Fort was situated at the top of a hill and one need to climb up in order to reach over there. The children considered it as an adventure. On the other hand, my friend and I took it up as a challenge to compensate for our lack of exercise, and started walking with much gusto. On any other occasion, our knees might give in but the vision of Fort Aguada kept inspiring us.

Interior of Fort Aguada, Goa

Interior of Fort Aguada, Goa | Image Resource:

 Located in Sinquerim beach, Fort Aguada was providing us with a fantastic view of the deep blue Arabian Sea. To tell you the truth, it was not even a proper Fort anymore but lines of wall on the boundary line, surrounding an open terrace; adding few structures scattering here and there. But the cleanliness of the whole area made me thankful to the staff who, without any monetary reward as entry fees, kept this place in order.

Inside Aguada Fort, Goa

Inside Aguada Fort, Goa | Image Resource:

Built around in 1613, the purpose behind Fort Aguada was to erect a protection against Dutch and Maratha attacks. The abandoned light house spooked the kids well enough while we the elders were intrigued to see the ancient fresh water spring inside the fort.

Fort Aguada Light House at Goa

Fort Aguada Light House at Goa | Image Resource:

Fort Aguada, Goa

Fort Aguada, Goa | Image Resource:

The magnificent view of Sun set from the top compensated for everything else and we stepped out of the area at last, in a dreamy haze.


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