Museum Of Christian Art Goa – A Unique Entity in Asia!

India’s unity in diversity is one of the favorite subjects of mine as a Social Science teacher. Before planning our itinerary of Goa, I was doing a quick Google research about stumbled upon a blog praising Museum of Christian Art Goa. I felt rather intrigued in knowing that most of the artifacts in this Museum of Christian Art Goa were produced by Hindu artists! For me, it was a fantastic news projecting the cultural harmony of India and I made up my instantly that I need to visit this quaint museum while in Goa.

We headed towards the museum in a beautiful Tuesday morning. From the travel desk of our hotel we got to learn that- this museum remains open from 9.30 am-5.00 pm every day. Located in Old Goa, this museum is a based on an area called Convent of Santa Monica. When we reached over there, the grand architectural beauty of this two-storey building took our collective breath away!

Museum of Christian Art Goa

Museum of Christian Art Goa | Image Resource :

The ticket prices were inexpensive and that was Rs.30 for each. It was free for children and the budget traveler inside me did take a bow to the authority of museum. My friend and I were really keen to take some photographs and we had to shell out Rs.100 each for camera.

Upon entering, I was amazed to see the neatness and the cleanliness of the museum. We were introduced to the curator of the museum who turns out to be fantastic guide! With his help, we learned a great deal about exhibits at display. While the museum was full of galleries showing Christina history in Goa and the collections consisted of furniture, ivory items, sculptures and paintings- it was the ivory statue of baby Jesus that melted my heart instantly.

On the other hand, my friend was mystified to see the plaque Holy Trinity depicting the father, the son and the Holy Spirit amidst clouds. Lastly, the children let us know in unison that they were stumped to see the statue of Madonna in a sari!
We spent 2 hours inside and came out refreshed, more erudite and with a tinge of pride for our country.


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