Vashisht Village Manali – An Intermingling Of Culture and Naturalness

After having a gala time especially for the kids, the next destination that we visited was the small village named Vashisht which is located at a distance of merely 3 kilometres from Manali. The best part about this trip was that all famous tourist attractions are located at close proximity from the city. We heard from the localities that this village is a perfect blend of nature and society wherein the residents of this village follow a very eco – centric approach in their lifestyle so as to preserve the natural essence of this place in its utmost purest form.

The Vashisht village is a popular tourist destination due to a couple of rock cut temples that narrate the stories of the ancient and glorious civilisations that dwelled in the hilly terrains of Manali. Moreover there are natural water springs that lure tourists to drench themselves to escape the heat of the hot summers. Due to the huge influx of tourists who visit this village the tourism infrastructure here has developed over the years. In order to enable tourists to take a safe and convenient bath in the sulphur springs modernized bath houses that are fitted with Turkish styled showers are built near the springs.

Vashisht Village Manali

Vashisht Village Manali | Image Resource :

We couldn’t resist from taking a bath at one of the springs. It was an extremely amazing experience for us all. The village exhibits rich tradition and utmost hospitality due to which most of the tourists prefer staying here or at old Manali. There are a number of nice cafes that offer delicious beverages and snacks to satiate the appetite of vacationers. The rustic environs of this village has a very calm and  soothing effect that refreshes one’s mind from the hectic schedule of the fast and competitive urban lifestyle.

The houses of this village depict the early house making style hence preserving the culture of the ancestors living here. Every corner seemed like a surprise to me. At one crook I found a German bakery and the next bend amaze me by the traditionally built houses and cows tied in the backyards. It was an unforgettable experience for me to be able to visit this beautiful and cultured village of Manali.

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