Hanogi Mata Temple Manali – Get Indulged In Godly Devotion

We had a delightful time at the Vashisht Village and then  we decided to visit the famous Hanogi Mata temple of Manali. This temple is considered to be a very sacred place and hence devotees from all over the country come to visit this temple in huge numbers. This temple is a small but beautifully designed structure that is located on the way to Manali from Shimla. This holy place for devotion is very close to Mandi. There are numerous ancient beliefs pertaining to this temple. It is said that even a glimpse of the idol of the presiding deity gives peace and solace to the heart.

Due to the huge influx of tourists to this temple annually the tourism infrastructure in the premises have shown rapid growth in recent years. There are a number of restaurants and road side dhabas that offer delicious local food to tourists. Located on the national highway 3 in the Kun region of Manali this temple is surrounded by lush green vegetation and the distant view of the hill tops make the place even more worth visiting. The sounding of the flowing stream i.e. the River Beas that runs parallel to this temple adds to the divinity to this site.

Hanogi Mata Temple Manali

Hanogi Mata Temple Manali | Image Resource : tourmet.com

The temple is very ancient in origin and being located at an elevation one can reach here via rope way. The way to reach the Hanogi Mata temple is indeed an adventure in itself. The cave temple holds the charm of the ancient times and the carvings on the walls of the temple are exquisite. The presiding deity of this temple is said to protect travellers and hence buses travelling on the NH 3 often stop here for a couple of minutes. The HPMC outlet is located just adjacent to this temple. Here one can buy a number of products such as juices, jams, sharbats, snacks etc.

As we returned to our hotel after spending a couple of hours at this temple I beheld the positivity and sanctity of this godly place along with me. It is indeed a site for solace and bliss.


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